Build Almost Anything ~ Almost Anywhere

Did you know Sip Panels are used to build hundreds of millions of square feet of buildings each year?  Fact is they have been in use for decades and build some of the most durable, insulated, sustainable, and affordable buildings. Sip Panels can be bought directly from factories spread across the USA, Canada, and Europe.  They are used to build Energy Efficient, Code Complaint structures meeting Net-Zero, Passive House, and Leed certified structures.

BUT…they are EXPENSIVE! Although it doesn’t need to be that way.


As a matter of fact, the raw materials used to produce SIP Panels are relatively inexpensive commodity materials.  These materials are sold and shipped in large quantities making the material cost to produce structurally insulated panels well below what the consumer or end user could ever expect to see. So why are SIP Panels so expensive?  Simple!  They are marketed as “special”. “green”, or “low carbon footprint” which instantly means you’ll pay a premium.  This and the fact that they require multiple trucks to ship each house, sometimes over large distances add many thousands of dollars to EVERY project.

The reality is shipping SIP Panels is expensive especially internationally and generally speaking, nobody can afford to ship SIP Panels.

can not afford to ship

This is how we are changing things.

First, we decoupled the SIP Panel manufacturing from the factory and created a SIP Panel Building System and a Global Mobile factory where SIP Panels can be built almost anywhere. Then we make available the foam and skin materials for the construction of the panels. As raw materials, you benefit from lower panel costs immediately. These two things reduce the SIP Panel prices significantly and by doing SIP Panel production this way, you now have the lowest cost to build or ship of ANY building material.  Guaranteed.

Now almost anyone can build almost anything almost anywhere!

Meet The Founders of IADDIC Shelters

Richard Grabowski

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IADDIC is on a mission to do one thing well: provide the things necessary to build affordable, incredibly durable homes, shelters, schools and commercial structures.  After 30 years of business experience and traveling the world, it is clear that there are simply too many people living in inadequate houses and shelters.  In reality, much of the inadequacies in construction stems from the lack of adequate materials and the use of inadequate materials.  Our job then is to take the tools, materials, and equipment needed to improve housing and shelter anywhere in the world.

Suzan Grabowski

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It is a privilege to be “able to” do what we do!  It can not be stressed enough that the deficit in housing across the globe is unacceptable.  The world talks about sustainable development, and passive houses and energy consumption consumed by buildings as though it is a mystery how to correct.  The fact is solutions exist today to provide better structures more afforadably and IADDIC is bringing two of those solutions to market through our Field SIP Panel Mold/Presses and Global Mobile Factories.  We also give back by supporting Shelter The World Housing Ministry.