Construction and Design Services

These services are available to help our clients from start to finish. When it comes to building almost anything, especially internationally there are a myriad of decisions that must be made. Everything from deciding exactly what to build, selecting the right materials, how to acquire the materials and equipment, to training construction crews all must be understood. From start to finish, IADDIC will assist you in building the best structures.

construction quote

Pre-construction Services

Getting started on a construction project may be the hardest part. Knowing where to build, how much to build, what to build, and what to build with are just some of the items that need to be understood. The client also must choose materials, construction methods, understand the skills of the workforce and much more. We can help clarify these things in a pre-construction process that helps define the broader projects. On the other hand, you may already have all this figured out and simply need to know how IADDIC construction solutions can help with your construction project. We are confident we can show you how building with our solutions is the best choice. Request a Proposal Today!

Construction Design Services

After the quote; one of the larger challenges with construction projects is figuring out what is needed early on in the project. You may have a design already in mind or need something completely new and unique; either way we can develop the concept documents that convey your ideas and plans in ways that are easily conveyed to others. We’ll model and render your designs and provide preliminary floor plans and. Use these documents and share them with other stakeholders on your team so everyone understands what is being done.

panel plan documents
sip panel house plan

Convert Your Existing Construction Documents

Another challenge many people have is determining if SIP Panels are suitable for their project. One of our services converts your floor plans and elevation into SIP Panel plans that you can use to see how the panels fit together. The panel plans are not construction ready documents but they do offer insight into understanding how and what you want is achieved with a panel system.

Design Build and Architecture and Engineering

When you are ready to move your design to the engineering phase we’ll help develop the entire plan demonstrating what is required to fulfill your project needs. We determine the materials needed and price them out, calculate the equipment and manpower needed to produce structural insulated panels, shelters, houses, or other structure envelopes, provide the logistics information to transport the equipment and materials including the number of containers needed.

Construction Planning and Documents

A key component to getting you construction project going is knowing what to do with each and every panel you produce and how those panels fit into the construction of the building.  We’ll develop the construction panel plan along with panel cut documents to show where to cut each panel and when to make them for proper sequencing.  At the end of this process, you will possess the information you need to build the envelope from start to finish.


You choose the scope of work

Our design-build services are here to help you.  We offer the services to our clients needing help with parts of the project or the entire thing.  If you need help with the entire project let us help develop the scope of work from beginning to end.  You may only need assistance in selecting green building materials for your SIP Panels, or need help laying out a work area for the creation of SIP Panels using our materials, tools, and equipment.  We want your project to be successful and our international construction knowledge help you build almost anything, almost anywhere.