Transitional Shelter

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Transitional Shelters are often thought of as a second shelter dispatched in the sequence of building back or reconstruction after a disaster.. For example; many disasters and emergency response systems deploy tents, then transitional shelter (temporary structures), and ultimately a permanent dwelling.

IADDIC’s approach to transitional shelter involves deploying one product at the time of need and building upon that structure to develop permanency.

To achieve permanency, the shelters are hardened with a coating of locally available materials. These materials can be cements, stucco’s or other suitable materials. As a matter of fact, a simple coat of paint extends the life of the shelter to well over a decade. There is no longer lasting temporary emergency response shelter that either transitions to permanent nor lasts as long.

A basic IADDIC Transitional Shelter will outlast a conventional tent by up to as much as 20 times its life. If you are working in response to a disaster, consider the cost benefits of deploying one product, one time! Add to that the benefits the recipient gets by receiving an insulated rigid wall shelter, the security it provides, and the potential to transition the shelter to permanent. This is a true transitional shelter!

Richard Grabowski
Adequate housing and shelters are more than just products; they provide security, enable sustainable development, unite families, and help establish stable communities. Our focus at IADDIC is to bring the best technology, at the lowest cost, in the highest volume we can to make affordable housing indeed affordable.
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