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Small Houses – Are they Cool?

Small Houses – Way Cool!

Do you think small houses are cool?  If you do, like many over the last decade you are in the company of a growing number of people who are turning to small houses for a very basic reason.  They make sense!

There are many reasons that small houses are picking up steam: an aging population wanting less to take care of and younger couples with smaller families needing less space.  Many ...

small house design

Small House Designs and Small House Plans

Most small house designs and small house plans available on the market today are designs that have been in use for decades and have been updated in their appearance yet remain basically the same in their construction. Most do not utilize modern materials to improve the sustainability of the home.

Modern Houses

For a house to be truly modern it must be built in such a way that it reduces energy consumption which lowers heating and cooling costs and ...

Eco Housing International

Eco Housing International

Eco Housing used to conjure up images of housing that was below ground or covered in dirt, remote and off the grid, simple and scant on convenience and luxury.

Some of this may have been true in the past but today it is more important than ever to specify what Eco Housing is because it can impact the way future generation live and the quality of their lives.

With respect to Eco Friendly Homes: never before has man had to consider ...

mgo sheets international construction material

MgO Sheets | A Building Solution from the Outside

Is there such a thing as an International Construction Material? Maybe! Concrete is available in a lot of places. But lets go back in time; way back. There are a couple of internationally recognised structures that use a material that can have a profound impact on modern construction. This material is an ancient material and it is the glue that holds the Great Wall of China together as well as was in the cement that made the roman structures so ...

temporary building construction

Modular Temporary Buildings

Temporary Buildings are constructed for a variety of uses but none more serious than those used as shelters in a disaster. Sure we see them in use as schools and storage buildings and even temporary housing like workforce house so temporary buildings play an important role in everyday life. The challenge for the temporary building manufacturer if trying to design buildings that are effective and applicable across a wide range of uses. We, however; have chosen ...

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