contractors build SIP Panels

Builders to Make SIP Panels, Especially Internationally!

Rationale for Building your own SIP Panels if you are in construction, especially internationally!

For over 70 years there has been a tremendous amount of SIP construction totalling many hundreds of millions of square feet of SIP buildings having been built. All of this has been backed by science and research demonstrating the strength and durability of the panels (as well as weaknesses). They are indisputably a strong product that offers a faster 1 way to ...

affordable housing building materials - bricks

Solutions for Global Affordable Housing are not a Mystery

Why do innovations in affordable housing technologies appear and then disappear so quickly?

There seems to be a real need in the world for better and faster ways to build affordable housing. It is estimated that there are 1.5 billion people who do not have adequate shelter, aka affordable housing. This would represent roughly 1/5 of mankind. We can assume all of those people just choose not to have houses and end this article here. Or, we ...