hospital design with SIP Panels

Sustainable Hospital: the Future Medical Facility in Developing Countries

Sustainable Hospital Design

Although everyday problems seem to be a constant reminder of the perils of life, little more can be as traumatizing as not having a hospital facility to go to when one encounters a severe injury or illness.

Last year, a collaboration was initiated by Milli Smith, founder of The Scarlet Heart Foundation, Inc. and an evangelist for advanced development in Haiti and Africa, to improve the availability of medical services and facilities to those ...

Transitional Shelter

Transitional Shelter

Transitional Shelters are often thought of as a second shelter dispatched in the sequence of building back or reconstruction after a disaster.. For example; many disasters and emergency response systems deploy tents, then transitional shelter (temporary structures), and ultimately a permanent dwelling.

IADDIC’s approach to transitional shelter involves deploying one product at the time of need and building upon that structure to develop permanency.

To achieve permanency, the shelters are hardened with a coating of locally available materials. These materials can be ...

Sustainable Housing Materials

Sustainable Housing Materials – Choosing Import or Indigenous

I have been in several conversations lately regarding sustainable housing materials and I have drawn some new conclusions.

My consultative status with the UN offers a way to hear a vast array of opinions on a lot of subjects. One conversation that is discussed often has to do with opinions over importing modern green building materials or using indigenous green building materials.

Overall it is being said that neither solution is profitable as a sustainable housing solution. In general I agree, but ...


Build Disaster Relief Shelters

Build Disaster Relief Shelters in large quantities, fast and affordable. These shelters are changing what people receive in times of emergency.

We provide the construction tools, equipment, and materials for organizations needing to provide durable shelters, houses or other structures like schools, places of worship or commercial structures. If you are building a large number of shelters we have a building solution to fit your needs. Our Continue