SIP Panel House

SIP Panel Primer – Your Affordable Mass Produced House

Let’s start by describing what a SIP Panel is and why they are called SIP Panels in the first place.

The SIP Panel is actually an ingenious combination of three things; two panels and a core. One panel serves as an exterior skin, the core is a block of construction foam, and a second panel serves as an outer skin. These three items are bonded together to create a strong Structural Insulated Panel.


small house design

Small House Designs and Small House Plans

Most small house designs and small house plans available on the market today are designs that have been in use for decades and have been updated in their appearance yet remain basically the same in their construction. Most do not utilize modern materials to improve the sustainability of the home.

Modern Houses

For a house to be truly modern it must be built in such a way that it reduces energy consumption which lowers heating and cooling costs and ...

small eco houses

Small Eco Houses are Filling a Global Shortfall in Housing

Small Eco Houses are filling a niche in an international housing market that has been unable to fill demand for decades.

The UN has been reporting for decades that over one billion people were living in inadequate housing across the globe. However; two recent trends have boosted the likelihood that inadequate housing supply is being replaced by small eco houses.

First; a broader awareness and deeper involvement globally by governments and civil society to be environmental good stewards was bolstered by last ...

SIP Panel Houses

I Want To Use SIP Panels on My Next Project. Are They Covered in Building Codes?

I Want To Use SIP Panels on My Next Project. Are They Covered in Building Codes?

When deciding if SIP Panels are a good choice for your next construction project, it is good to know they conform to building codes, are incredibly strong, and extremely energy efficient, and used to build hundreds of millions of square feet of buildings each year.

Over the years, products are accepted or rejected by a combination of public opinion, research, and practical ...

temporary building construction

Modular Temporary Buildings

Temporary Buildings are constructed for a variety of uses but none more serious than those used as shelters in a disaster. Sure we see them in use as schools and storage buildings and even temporary housing like workforce house so temporary buildings play an important role in everyday life. The challenge for the temporary building manufacturer if trying to design buildings that are effective and applicable across a wide range of uses. We, however; have chosen ...