Structural Insulated Panels Cost ~ SIP Panel Prices; Sip Panel Cost Calculator, and Pricing Charts.

How much does a SIP Panel Cost?

If you are like most folks looking for a housing or shelter solution; one of the first things you want to know is how much do Structural Insulated  Panels Cost to build with?  Afterall; building energy efficient sip homes including a sip roof, especially in developing countries has to be affordable to make a lasting impact.

SO, how much do structural insulated panels cost?

Use this calculator to estimate the cost of SIP Panels.

This calculator reveals structural insulated panels prices using 3 options: MGO skins, OSB ( oriented strand board )skins, or No Skins.

It is important that when you are reviewing sip panel costs and comparing us to other sip panel manufacturers, you remember we are a material supplier, not a panel manufacturer. Be sure to check out our SIP tools and SIP Panel manufacturing equipment sections.

Remember also, you are using this  SIP Panel pricing calculator to estimate the price of SIP Panel materials from IADDIC.  The prices being calculated should be used for budgetary purposes only.

Many variables go into a complete structure so this calculator is intended to provide a good estimate of the SIP Panel price. To get a more accurate estimate please complete a Request for SIP Panel Equipment Quote form.

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SIP Panel Cost per Square Foot


Use the chart below to quickly get the SIP Panel price per square foot of building AND Sip Panel Prices per square foot of panel surface area for a number of average sized shelters and houses. As you will see, the prices vary considerably due in large part to the features of a structure. You can imagine, thicker or thinner panels and the inclusion of interior walls or even the decision to use OSB or MgO will affect the Sip Panel pricing model. For these reasons, we have broken down the pricing into three groups: Shelter products up to 480 sq ft, Shelter Houses or “cross over” structures which can have a mix of thin and thick walls, and small house.

Structural Insulated Panels Cost ~ Sip Panel Pricing Chart


Structural Insulated Panels Cost Calculator Instructions


Notes to consider: 1.) This calculator only accounts for the envelope of a structure.  This means SIP Panels for walls and roof only. 2.) Remember, the values computed in the sip panel prices calculator are for budgetary purposes only. 3.) The saving in shipping costs is the difference between shipping pre-made panels versus the raw materials. The more accurate the shipping estimate the more reliable the calculated savings will be. 4.) SIP Panels created using the IADDIC Sip Panel Equipment uses polyurethane foam, not expanded polystyrene.