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IADDIC brings together the essential components needed to build SIP Panel structures ON SITE for a wide variety of applications.  We have developed the tools, materials, and equipment necessary to build anything from disaster relief shelters, small houses, high-rise structure,  places of worship, commercial structures and more.  We provide everything you need to make affordable construction possible.  We are the only supplier to the construction industry making field build SIP Panels on site with the quality and capabilities of factory built structural insulated panels.  


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SIP Construction Tools

We offer a collection of  tools specifically related to construction projects using SIP Panels and structural construction polyurethane foam.  Some of these tools are specialty tools that make working with these materials easier, faster, and more precise.  All the tools listed are specifically designed or selected to work in conjunction with a specific equipment package so all tools are not necessarily available for every application.  

Construction Tools


SIP Construction Equipment

Our suite of Equipment targets sips construction projects that utilize SIP Panels and structural construction foam.  Each piece of our construction equipment is tailored for its intended application and range from disposable construction molds for simple shelters to more robust construction molds for larger structures.  In addition, we offer a line of panel molds and SIP panel presses for making Structurally Insulated Panels which can be used to build wall panels and sip roofing panels for many types of structures.  And our line of Global Mobile Factories are industrial grade construction systems for the most demanding construction; especially where mobility is needed. 

Construction Equipment Guide


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SIP Construction Material

We offer two types of construction materials:  MgO for the skins on SIP panels and Structural Foam used to construct all one piece structures and the core to SIP walls and SIP roof panels.  Each of these construction materials are extremely versatile and incredibly durable but together they make one of the best, if not the best construction building system available.  Each material is an eco-friendly building material, rot and insect proof, and the MgO (Magnesium Oxide cement board) is even flame resistant (almost flame proof!).   


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SIP Panel layout and configuration services: Use these services to have your structure converted into energy efficient SIP Panels which are then able to be manufactured in your IADDIC SIP Panel press/molds, on the job site, almost anywhere.

Project Management: Large projects requiring incremental delivery of materials need to have the materials flow managed.  We’ll keep the material flowing across multiple shipments to keep you on schedule.  When your construction planning requires on-time delivery, we are there for you. If needed, we will supply a qualified project manager to interface and coordinate with your schedule so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Global Mobile Factory Design and Configuration: Need mobile factories that keep your construction projects moving?  let us design and develop a global mobile factory to meet your specific needs.

Operations layout: Need help laying out the work area for the production of SIP Panels?  We’ll walk you through the entire process to ensure your production of structural insulated panels sips is efficient.  We’ll guide you through such things as material storage, inventory space requirements, physical space, equipment placement and labor requirements.

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