PBS3000 Universal SIP Panel Manufacturing System is a field operated SIP Panel mold/press.

The SIP Panel building system, (mold press) is used to make SIP panels in the construction of everything from shelters, houses, schools, clinics, and commercial structures. This type of SIP panel building system provides anyone involved in construction the opportunity to build using SIP Panels. Especially those in countries where SIP Panels are unavailable and the builder can not afford to ship SIP Panels. The PBS3000 is intended to be a field operation so the heavy burden and constraints of having a “factory” are not necessary. Because construction work means mobility to different job sites, the PBS3000 is portable and easily moved to different locations as needed.

SIP Panel construction

At the core of the SIP Panel Manufacturing System is a panel press and the IADDIC SIH solid core polyurethane construction foam and MgO skins.

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Field Operated SIP Panel Press

The PBS3000 is a rugged and capable machine that can be used to produce SIP panels, where they are needed most, on the job site. This is a very important shift in SIP Panel technology and lowers the cost as well as reduces the barrier of needing expensive factories. For larger operations or for the construction of panels requiring higher performance, the PBS3000 has optional automation and power assist functions.

More SIP Panel Building Flexibility

If you have searched for SIP panels for your projects, you know what is available: a product available in limited thicknesses that “everyone” produces and builders are forced to use. We change that by delivering a panel mold press that is flexible to meet your requirements. Need thicker or thinner skins or thicker or thinner structural cores? No problem, the PBS3000 is adjustable! The system produces thin wall or thick wall Insulated panels anywhere from 1-1/2″ – 18″ thick cores and receives skin materials up to 1-1/2″ thick. This range makes is perfect for any project!

From Set up to SIP Panel structures in 5 Easy Steps

From setup to panel structures is quite simple. All of our systems are built with the rugged durability and simple elegance to perform in demanding locations. The PBS3000 does not require a “factory” and can be set up on a simple level work surface. Once on the pad attach any automated dispensing systems or power assist features and the press is ready to produce panels. This setup takes anywhere from one to two hours. Begin using the press to produce panels. The final step is installing the panels. Simple splices fit between the panels and the panels are screwed together. Nothing is quicker!

set up pbs3000

SIP Panel Manufacturing Rates

Panels can be produced at rates of 1 to 5 panels per hour. This does not sound like much but panels but compared to producing 50 sq feet of wall with studs, or brick and block, adding interior surfaces, insulation, and vapor seals and the savings is immediately realized. Adding additional PBS3000’s SIP Panel Building systems quickly multiplies to number of panels being produces. Adding additional panel mold presses does not require adding additional automation. Up to 10 presses can be added using a single automation package. Each automation system is calculated on your specific production needs and takes into account the thickness of your panels and your panel production goals.

set up pbs3000

Setting multiple units at or near the work site enable large numbers of SIP Panels to be built.


Panel Presses can be configured with various options including roll out working stations, mixing timers with alarms, cold weather covers and automatic dispensers.

pbs 3000 sip panel press with options

Panel Presses for SIP Panel Construction are portable and can produce a range of Insulated Panel shapes and sizes. Utility components like corrugated roofing sheets, electrical fixtures, and plumbing can all be added into the panels by inserting them into the panel press prior to assembly.


So what is your next SIP Panel Construction Need?

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