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SIP Material selection is at the heart of what we do. When building internationally, it is important to have construction materials that are economical, durable, sustainable, and most importantly structural. For this reason, we have focused our development on two principle materials; industrial grade construction foam and magboard (magnesium oxide cement boards). These two materials offer incredible benefits to the builder and occupant alike. There are no other sip construction materials readily available that are as strong and as well insulating as these two materials. When building your next structure; whether it is a simple shelter, affordable sip homes, church, clinic, or commercial building be sure to build with insulated panels that are proven to last, and helps you build incredibly fast!


Structural foam

More specifically polyurethane structural foam is by far the best building product for light duty structures like shelters. The structural capability of this construction material makes incredibly strong structures and lasts many decades. It is highly insulating at R 6.5 per inch, is unaffected by insects and will not rot. What’s more, this structural foam is highly condensed making it one of the world’s most economical building materials to ship. We have several grades and densities of foam available to meet specific application requirements. If you need highly structural, highly insulated structures made really fast, there is no other way to build. As a matter of fact, small shelters can be made in as little as a couple of hours and enough foam fits into a container to produce almost 100 shelters (depending on size).

Structural Construction Foam Details

sip material - construction foam


sip material ~ construction material mgo magnesium oxide magboard

MgO – Magnesium Oxide Cement Boards

Magboard or Magnesium Oxide is a natural mineral mined from the base of mountains. Only recently has magnesium oxide been formed into sheets or cement boards but it is not a modern invention. As a matter of fact magnesium oxide is the glue that holds the Great Wall of China together and is the material used to construct many of the Roman architectural structures still standing today. However; just because it is old doesn’t mean its good! But to prove that it is we have compiled a listing of over 25 Internationally recognized tests these boards comply with. Further, these boards fit the IBC (International Building Code) criteria for construction.

mgoboard Skin Details


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