While you wait for your RFQ to be processed, here are some items you may find valuable.

reviewing design

Visit the SIP Panel Project Calculator Page to get a quick budgetary estimate of your sip panel project’s costs.

SIP Panel Construction

Visit the Design Center to explore 3D Sip Panel models for Sketchup as well as SIP Panel construction details.

pbs 3000 sip panel press with options

Need more information on the PBS3000? The first and most advanced field operable SIP panel system in the world.

Basic Build Up of Sip Panel

Need basic understanding of how SIP Panels are used in construction?  This is just a primer.

We have received your Request for a Quote.

We have received your Request for a Quotation and will begin processing it shortly.  It may be a few days before we have the quote but we will keep you informed of where we are in the course of creating the estimate.

Remember, this is a budgetary estimate just to get us in the ballpark to determine if we see your project the same way as you do and if the budgetary figures seem reasonable. 

Here is what we are NOT. We are not a charity.  In some cases we target poverty locations, this is only to bring a better standard of living and economic opportunity.  

We are also NOT a supplier of SIP Panels (at this time).

We are NOT a provider of finished SIP Panels (at this time).

We believe the largest opportunity exists when we provide the tools, materials, and equipment you need to build and use SIP Panels on your project.

We are also not in the habit of delivering “model houses” as demonstration units.  We are asked (told actually) that, “if you come and build one house on my land, the houses will sell like hotcakes.”  That may be true, but we do not have the resources to do this in every city, state, regions of the world.   

We hope you understand. We will, however, work with you to deliver the equipment, tools, and materials you need to be successful in your location.