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Eco Homes have long been an American ideal.

Eco homes in America are a product of the 1970’s energy crisis when many Americans began to discover ways to reduce energy consumption in the home.  One of the results of this effort is that buzzwords used to describe products (and the products themselves) are now common; Energy Star Appliances, high seer air conditioners, blown in insulation, and radiant foil barriers, to name a few.   One less known but equally important result is the widespread use of SIP Panels. The reason Sip Panels are a little less known is that they are inside, hidden from many consumers.  They are the walls and roofs, hidden behind drywall and exterior siding so most people would not even know they exist.  However, they are the hidden giant changing energy efficient eco houses and being used to construct millions of square feet of green building each year.

 Eco-Friendly Homes have many advantages

Eco homes or eco-friendly houses based on SIP Panels have several advantages to both the home builder and the home buyer.  For builders, they offer a tremendous boost to the speed of construction as panels are easy to assemble and they produce very little waste on site.  This is a benefit to the home buyer as well because the length of time to move into your new home is reduced also.  To the home buyer, they offer other great benefits. Superior strength and high energy efficiencies are just two. The high strength means they perform well in adverse conditions like high winds or snow loads and the high energy efficiency is obvious and results in savings to the consumer.  It is also worth nothing these panels have been in continuous use since the 1950’s and continue to be perfected all the time.

But What About Eco Homes in the Rest of the World?

Well, that has been a problem.  Eco-friendly housing based on SIP Panels are not readily available in most of the world.  As SIP Panel factories have been set up in the USA, Canada, and some parts of Europe they are regional factories.  There is usually enough demand for housing that several manufacturers exist in a region and the neighboring regions have their own factories.  The reason for this is simple to understand.  Once the panel is made it is quite large.  Since they are the walls and the roofs they are as thick as the wall or roof and as you can imaging take many trucks to ship?  So shipping them a few hundred miles might make sense but shipping them worldwide is out of the question.


This means that one of the best building products made from eco-friendly materials used to make sustainable construction of a green building and eco-friendly houses is unavailable in places it is needed the most.  


 We’re Making Eco Homes Available Across the Globe

Not just eco homes but green buildings of almost any type are possible with the IADDIC SIP Panel Field Systems which enable SIP Panels to be built almost anywhere in the world.  Quite simply, we have taken SIP Panels out of the factory which means almost any kind of building can be built almost anywhere.  To us, this is significant because as the world champions sustainable development and clamors to reduce energy consumption the single largest product which consumes 30%-40% of all energy produced, are buildings.  A shift of just a few percents in the energy efficiency of housing globally can have a dramatic impact on global energy demand.  Imagine what happens when houses, schools, clinics, and commercial building go from a present-day R2 or R3 to R20 or R50!  Imagine also the impact this can have when the cost to build the eco-friendly home is equal to or less than the current costs (depending on location).


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