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The Global Mobile Factories are containerized factories allowing for enhanced repeatability and speed in the construction of SIP Panels for shelters, houses, schools, and commercial structures. The custom built factories include everything needed to construct the SIP Panels, roofing, and framing on site. The Global Mobile Factories are a rugged set of systems that travel from job site to job site enabling the creation of shelters, houses, schools, or other structures at construction rates as much as 6 times faster than manual methods.

construction cpability

Global Mobile Factories come in standard configurations or can be tailored to your specific needs. The size and number of units to be constructed ultimately determine what your particular factory looks like. In general GMF’s can be equipped with DuraMolds used externally of the factory for shelter construction or built in panel molds for the creation of SIP Panels. In addition; the overall building envelope is handled with the framing and roofing factories.

Overall Global Mobile Factories offer Lower Building Costs | Higher Construction Speed | Better Materials (standards compliant)

Why use a Global Mobile Factory?

sip house made in global mobile factory

A Global Mobile Factory puts the tools and material where they are needed, on the job site!. A Global Mobile Factory reduces costs: No Fixed Buildings, Extremely Large Cost Savings on Transportation and Logistics. Allows for easy customization on the job site and No Missing panels or parts: Make what you need when you need it. The most affordable way to build the most beautiful, the most durable, the most energy efficient homes. In use since the 1950’s

GMF with automation

To Ensure the complete building envelope is addressed, IADDIC also offers a roofing and framing or Trip factory. These factories compliment the GMF SIP Panel Factory for a nearly unlimited building capability.

GMF Roofing and Framing Factories



roofing factory and framing factory


Specialty Global Mobile Factories

GMF School Factory

Strong and Durable | Long Lasting Interior and Exterior | Code Compliant Materials

Safe | Flame Resistant | Mold and Mildew Resistant | Comfortable | Highly Insulated | Quiet | Well Lit – Long Lasting LED Lighting | Large Windows | Circulating Fans

Ready for use | Painted Chalkboards | Benches

Larger and Smaller Schools as needed

school factory


Global Mobile Shelter Factory

shelter factory



For more information about the Global Mobile Factory please contact us regarding your specific requirements. Each factory is designed to customer specifications and custom built. These are not stock items.


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