The IADDIC SIP Panel Building System (金型仕上げ用プレス) is used to make SIP panels for building everything from shelters, 家, 学校, クリニック, および商業構造. This system enables anyone involved in construction the opportunity to build using SIPs. Especially those in locations where SIP Panels are unavailable and the builder can not afford to ship pre-manufactured panels. The PBS3000 is used in the field so the necessity and constraints of having a “工場” 必要ありません。. Because construction involves building structures on different job sites, the PBS3000 is also portable and easily moved to those locations when needed.

closed pbs3000 SIP panel equipment

Rugged and Capable Machines

open pbs3000 sip panel press

The PBS3000 is a rugged and capable machine that is used to manufacture SIP panels, 彼らが最も必要とされます。, 現場で. これは SIP パネル技術の非常に重要な変化とコストを下げると同様に高価な工場を必要との障壁を削減. To accommodate large operations or for the construction of thicker panels, the PBS3000 has optional automation and power assist functions called a power stack.

sip panel equipment work center

SIP パネル製造率

Panels can be produced at rates of up to 3 1 時間あたりのパネル. This does not sound like much but compared to producing 50 スタッドで壁の平方フィート, レンガやブロック, 内面を追加, 断熱材, and vapor barriers and the savings is immediately realized. Adding multiple PBS3000 SIP Panel Building Systems quickly multiplies the number of panels being produced. 以下 3 PBS3000’s can be connected to a single automation package with polyurethane foam dispenser (shown on right). Each automation system is calculated on your specific production needs and takes into account the thickness of your panels and your panel production goals.

polyurethane foam dispenser


場合は、プロジェクトの SIP パネルで検索しました, あなたが何ができる知っています。: a high priced product available in limited thicknesses and with limited skin choices. 私たちはあなたの要件を満たすために柔軟性のあるパネルモールドプレスを提供することにより、それを変更します. If you need thicker or thinner skins or thicker or thinner foam cores; no problem, PBS3000 は、調節可能です! The system produces a thin wall or thick wall Insulated panel anywhere from 1-1/2″ – 12″ thick and receives almost any type and size of skin materials!

From Set up to SIP Panel structures in a Few Easy Steps

From setup to panel production is quite simple. All of our systems are built with the durability and ruggedness to perform in demanding locations. PBS3000は必要ありません。 “工場” 簡単なレベルの作業面を設定できます。. Once on the level work surface attach any of the automated dispensing or lifting options to the power stack and the press is ready to produce panels.

Completely Manual

It is possible to produce SIP Panels without automation under certain conditions. The primary consideration is the thickness of the core. If panels are to have a core of less then 1-1/2″ 厚い (for shelters or sheds) then the manual process may work. If you are building houses, it is not feasible to attempt to do so without the automation/power stack options. Pictured on the right is a manual PBS3000 sip panel press used to make panels that were 1-1/2″ 厚い (コアの厚さ). This type of press is ideal for disaster relief shelters and small structures.

manual pbs3000 for sip panel manufacturing