SIP Panel Housing

Build SustainableBuild Fast and Build to Last with SIP Panels

SIP パネル住宅建設には薄肉高級住宅に SIP パネルで簡単な小住宅からのすべてが含まれています, townhouses, commercial building, 学校, クリニック, 詳細. Sip パネル住宅建設が利用されているし、何十年も米国で使用中. しかしながら; SIP パネル、世界の大半で使用できません。. このため, we have developed a suite of 機器, ツール, and a collection of materials that are used by construction contractors to produce SIP Panels for almost any structure almost anywhere in the world.


sip panel manufacturing mold

The most important thing to know about our Panel Building Systems is that they are all used on site where they are needed. これはなぜとても重要であります。. 単に SIP を出荷する余裕がないので, at least not very far and certainly not overseas. Our systems take advantage of the structural polyurethane foams ability to expansion (20 宛先 40 回) to provide a tremendous logistics savings. Couple that with commodity pricing for the skins and the foam and you have a huge cost advantage that you can use to boost your profits or lower your selling price.

Can not afford to SHIP SIP’s

can not ship SIP Panels

エネルギー効率 | 急速施工 |スケーラブルな運用 |腐敗抵抗力があります。 | 難燃性 | 材料は無期限です。

次のパネル構造、形およびサイズの SIP パネルで使用可能なサンプリングだけ. ほぼすべての設定を行うことができます。! These customer-driven sip panel house design examples feature a variety of structures from, granny flats, and tiny houses, to affordable housing, modern housing, and townhouses. もう一度, you can build almost anything, almost anywhere using SIP Panels you create!

Why Use SIP Panels?

SIP Panels offer you, the contractor many advantages. You gain the ability to deliver energy efficient, sustainable housing that is comparable in quality and durability to any other modern building system. 実際のところ, there isn’t a single weather zone that SIP Panels cannot be used. They have been tested for decades, evaluated by thepro’s”, written into building codes and used in millions upon millions of square feet of building spaces. So why aren’t they available everywhere? We believe the answer is simple. SIP Panel manufacturers require a factory to build their SIP’s. This means when you purchase SIP Panels from them, you are paying for their factory, and labor and overhead. Then you have to pay for shipping. If there were any savings to be had, they just evaporated when the panels were stacked on the trucks. It usually takes several trucks to ship the panels from a factory to a job site. そう, in the end, there is no incentive for you to use structural insulated panels in your housing projects. You can still give your customers a decent house, or commercial space. But we offer a solution to these problems. We offer the equipment, ツール, and materials for you, the contractor/builder to build the panels yourself, 現場で.