Sustainable Housing is more than just an Eco House

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Sustainable Housing carries a broader meaning then just an eco house or green building materials or even green home building.  Actually defining sustainable housing is difficult as the terms will have various meanings depending where in the world you live.

Sustainable Housing concepts in the developed world lean heavily on the use of strategies for Sustainable Energy for Homes and carbon footprint.  The zero energy building has been all abuzz for some time now.  While participating at a UN conference last year there were several “side events” targeting zero energy buildings concepts and strategies.  

What I often discover though is that the concepts presented are generally expensive and targeting the affluent of the world.  What then does Sustainable Housing mean to the vast majority of the world.  The answer is nothing.  Try asking people living in poverty whose earnings are less than $1.25 USD per day, whose poverty housing or shack is constructed from refuge from the city dump what sustainable housing is or what a Sustainable Homes Communities is and they’ll look at you bemused.  It is difficult to imagine this topic being of much importance to them when life is so precariously close to peril on a constant basis.       

In realty though the concepts of sustainability and sustainable housing is probably better understood in more detail by poor people then it is by the majority of the affluent.  I believe this notion lies in the understanding that all of their available resources are precious.  They are rare, un-affordable and therefore looked at with intense scrutiny before use or waste.

From the unsustainable perspective however; the resources consumed are generally considered bad for the environment and therefore don’t meet the definition of sustainable.  In other words people living in poverty are caught between conservative use of precious resources but the resources themselves are generally bad for the environment.

It is this paradox in which IADDIC Sustainable Housing is drawn to focus its attention.  We believe that poverty alleviation is best accomplished when sustainable housing is practiced with the frugality of the people in poverty and matched with the technological advantages of green building materials.  In addition the whole process must produce income generating opportunities for people in order that they may build themselves into sustainable living.

Sustainable housing as it relates directly to sustainable development must be predicated on the availability of  affordable green building materials going into the poverty community and finished product leaving the poverty community.  Thus in return, much needed money is brought into the community.  Our role is to facilitate this process through sustainable housing development including urban renewal and especially slum reclamation projects.  Our goal is to take raw materials in, export finished goods out, develop skills for building sustainable housing, and finally sustain-ably improving the lives of people in poverty.

We understand the magnitude of this statement and believe the goal worthy enough to commit our resources to accomplish this end.  We are available for consultation and presentation on through to project management and execution.  Please feel free to contact us at any time.