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Construction foam, specifically polyurethane foam make the foam core of every IADDIC SIP Panel structure. Whether you are building shelters, houses, school buildings, or commercial structures you need a structural building material that will hold up to the most demanding applications. Our polyurethane foam we call SIH is a closed-cell foam material. Not only is it incredibly durable, it also outperforms open-cell foam in number of ways, the most important may be that it doesn’t absorb water keeping the insulation values high. The foam board core provides rigidity which means your structures withstand the rigors of use for decades to come.

construction cpability

Construction Foam Core Applications

SIH is our proprietary formulations of construction foam, one of the long used components in the construction industry. As a matter of fact, structural foam has been used in construction since the early 1950’s for the construction of houses, apartments, commercial building and just about every other type of building imaginable. We’ve taken this construction material one step further to construct entire shelters and small houses completely from foam. Using construction foam to build an structurally insulated houses (SIH) ensures the structure will last for decades as it resists mold and rotting, withstands the rigors of use and time, is not be affected by most household chemicals and fuels, and is insect resistant. The components made with our SIH construction materials, whether blocks, panels, shelters, or houses are extremely earthquake resistant and best of all there is nothing to come apart or fall off. SIH building materials are highly condensed and expands up to 20 times. This means nothing ships as efficiently as IADDIC SIH and up to 70 IADDIC shelters can fit in a single container (depending on size)!

Shipping efficiency

Construction Foam Packaging

Sized to fit your needs, we deliver SIH material in several easy to use and convenient packages; One Gallon Containers, 5 Gallon Drums, 55 Gallon Drums, or 350 gallon totes. Further, to help simplify the process, we have packaged kits for our most popular products ranging from simple shelters and SIP Panel projects.

construction foam packaging

SIH construction materials are also extremely Environmentally Friendly. IADDIC has taken the extra steps to ensure our materials are in keeping with our philosophy to not harm the environment (see our environmental impact statement). The table below shows that the blowing agents that we use are zero ozone depleting, have no Global Warming Potential, and contain no Volatile Organic Chemicals. And our highly insulated panels are @ R6.5 per inch and save tons of natural resources by requiring less fuels to heat and cool a building.


construction foam blowing agentSafety is another area that IADDIC has taken steps to ensure. The finished products made from the IADDIC building materials have a class B flame rating as standard. In addition, we offer another building material, flame resistant coatings that add additional levels of safety to the finished products. These coating achieve a class A rating and will prevent flame spread and limit smoke creation to give ample time to evacuate and preserve the building.

flame resistance of construction foam


Using SIH is EASY! Simply mix equal parts of the two prepackaged materials together, pour it into a mold and wait a few minutes. Remove the Block, Panel, Shelter or Room from the mold and repeat the process.


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