Solutions to The Global Housing Crisis

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The Global Housing Crisis impacts billions of people living in inadequate housing.

The United Nations recently announced their sustainable goals regarding housing to be accomplished by 2020.

Goal No. 7d reads, “Achieve significant improvement in lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers”. Now, benefitting 100 million people living in slums sounds like a worthy goal; and it is.  That is until you begin to understand the overall magnitude of poverty. To say that world poverty is out of control would be an understatement.  Consider these statistics:

  • 3 Billion people (a 3rd of the world’s population) live on less than $2 a day
  • 1.5 Billion live in completely inadequate shelters (housing)
  • 200 million more people are displaced by natural disaster every year
  • The slum is the fasting growing neighborhood in the world, growing 25% per year… doubling in size every 3 years
  • A 3rd of the world will live in a slum by 2020
  • 100,000+homes would have to be built every day just to keep slums at their current populaion level.


So, even if the UN is successful in reaching its goal, it’s a mere drop in the bucket compared to the epidemic size problem facing the world’s poor; and a far cry from the “American Dream”. In contrast, consider these less lofty dreams from different nations:

  • S. Africa dream: To not be pulled from my shack and raped
  • India dream: To avoid having my daughter pulled from the sewer and sold into slavery
  • Haiti dream:  To move out of a tent within the next 5 years
  • Somalia dream:  To walk 200 miles and find refuge in a safe country with water and a place to call home
  • Uganda dream:  To sleep on a floor not made of dirt
  • Liberian dream:  To not wake up with a snake in my bed
  • Guatemalan dream:  To survive this year’s mud slides


Solving the global “houselessness” problem has been the pledge and sincere passion of Richard and Suzan Grabowski, founders of IADDIC Shelters, since 2005.  Following a mission trip to Honduras where Rich was struck by the lack of basic housing which we all take for granted, they began development of an amazing new housing system capable of delivering dignified, energy efficient homes in just a few hours.   Turning the tide on poverty and houselessness requires addressing simultaneously the issues of job creation, home cost, and overwhelming volume.   TV show’s like “Extreme Makeover, Home Edition” show us that very sophisticated homes can be built in a week; provided you have 400 volunteers and bottomless financial resources.    But how can this be done with very little money?  How do you reach difficult locations?  How do you create new jobs?  And, how is it possible to meet the epidemic demand for housing?  Visit our housing Construction page page to capture just a glimpse of a better way to build affordable housing.