Small Houses – Are they Cool?

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Small Houses – Way Cool!

Do you think small houses are cool?  If you do, like many over the last decade you are in the company of a growing number of people who are turning to small houses for a very basic reason.  They make sense!

There are many reasons that small houses are picking up steam: an aging population wanting less to take care of and younger couples with smaller families needing less space.  Many empty nesters just do not want to take care of as much house as they had while raising a family and are looking for smaller more convenient and comfortable living spaces.  Also, as the average family size continues to decrease, the need for 4 and 5 bedroom houses decreases as well.

But more importantly, small houses offer a savings where most people feel pressure the most:  the utility bills.  So thinking that small houses are cool is more than simply liking or not liking them.  Small houses can leave you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter for a fraction of the cost of larger homes.

Small houses by IADDIC offer some of the best energy efficiencies available leaving the home owner with one of their most prized possessions…savings!  Our simple and comfortable small home designs offer a great opportunity to reduce the total costs of house building and house operating costs through a 100% fully insulated wall and roof system with wall insulation values starting and R15 and Roofs at R25-30.  Of course, these values can be increased.  In addition the seamless design means there is nothing to come apart so the small houses by IADDIC offer years of trouble free service.

You might also find it interesting that small houses are having an impact internationally as well.  As the world looks at developing improved ways to ensure a sustainable future, energy efficient housing becomes more important globally.  As mentioned in a previous article,  Small Eco Houses are Filling a Global Shortfall in Housing,  it is estimated that buildings consume over 60% of the world’s energy resources and having 7 billion people living in inefficient houses doesn’t make much sense.  Therefore; one of our main focuses is on sustainable housing globally.  

Couple the needs to reduce energy consumption with the reduction in global poverty where people are accustomed to living in highly inefficient small houses and it doesn’t take much to see that indeed the trend to move toward energy efficient homes is “cool” in more ways than one!

So right here in this short article we have 5 good reasons why small housing is cool:  higher energy efficiencies are achieved in eco small homes sparing the home owner from high energy bills, small families need smaller houses, aging populations aren’t looking for large homes, the global reduction of poverty is increasing the demand for efficient small houses and sustainable housing is necessary to ensure one of the world’s largest energy consuming products steps up to the challenges of preserving our future.