Small House Designs and Small House Plans

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Most small house designs and small house plans available on the market today are designs that have been in use for decades and have been updated in their appearance yet remain basically the same in their construction.  Most do not utilize modern materials to improve the sustainability of the home.

Modern Houses

For a house to be truly modern it must be built in such a way that it reduces energy consumption which lowers heating and cooling costs and provides a very healthy and comfortable indoor environment. It is impossible to achieve this using traditional materials. Brick and blocks essentially offer no insulating value and should be avoided completely. Some people tend to think these building materials are strong and provide a level of security that can not be achieved otherwise. This just isn’t the case anymore and the drawbacks to block and brick are so great they really should be avoided. Timber frame or stick framed homes, the most common type of home built in the States, does offer higher levels of insulation over brick and block but not much. By themselves the wood proves almost no insulation but adding insulation between the studs improves the insulation value significantly yet construction is more difficult and takes longer to build than block homes. Wooden houses are also the hardest to seal and are notorious for being drafty so any savings achieved through insulation is lost to air infiltration.

Then there is the SIP Panel House. A rather modern material compared to timber frame or block homes but in use since the 1950’s. The difference is the materials used to create the SIP panels continues to evolve and have improved to the point where they are now the most energy efficient building material to use in a modern house and they can be rot proof and flameproof, insect resistant, and resist earthquakes and high winds better than the other materials. Using SIP Panels has other advantages too: they are also the fastest type of construction and homes can be built very quickly and they can be decorated to look and feel like just about any interior or exterior finish imaginable. This means they not only look modern the are modern.

Small House Plans

If the small house plans you find do not include SIP Panels you may not be getting the best house possible. SIP Panel houses can accommodate every floor plan imaginable and are great for the modern house that features an open floor plan design and beautiful interior and exterior finishes to meet any style. The comfort and energy saving you receive will also be the best you can get. And here is the most important point! They do not cost more than traditional building construction. We know. We provide the materials and equipment to build SIP Panels and we understand the costs associated with constructing a SIP Panel House. We also understand the materials used to make SIP Panels and believe that SIP Panels must not be made using OSB as it rots and has no insulating capabilities, requires additional material to coat and protect them. The whole point is to have a Modern House that is better AND less expensive.

Let us convert your Small House Designs and Small House Plans to SIP Panel Plans

Since we believe SIP Panels are the Modern House construction material of choice and do not need to cost more than traditional building materials we will convert your small house plans and small house designs up to 1,000 sq feet into a Modern House SIP Panel plan.  We will provide a quote for the panels for the exterior walls and roof of the design and credit the costs of converting the design to your order so in the end the conversion costs you nothing.  You are free to use the quote to shop other SIP Panel manufacturers and compare their materials and pricing.

Are you Ready to have the Best Small Home Possible?

Are you prepared to see how little the real costs to build using SIP Panels is?  We will need your plans in pdf format along with a check for $500.00 and we will show you how to build the best house possible.

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