Mistral Iguatemi Almacén de vino / Studio Arthur Casas

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© Filippo Bamberghi © Philip Bamberghi
  • arquitectos: Studio Arthur Casas
  • Ubicaciones: de. brg. Faria Lima, 2232 – Jardim Paulistano, San Pablo – SP, 01489-900, Brasil
  • Arquitecto encargado: Arthur de Mattos Casas
  • Zona: 100.0 m2
  • Año proyecto: 2018
  • fotografías: Philip Bamberghi
  • Los gestores de proyectos: Gabriel Ranieri, estos Nara
  • colaboradores: Débora Cardoso, Raul Valadão
  • Constructor: Tengi Engenharia
© Filippo Bamberghi © Philip Bamberghi

Text description provided by the architects. Seven years after the inauguration of its first store, located in JK Iguatemi Mall and with Arthur Casasproject, the distributor Mistral looked for Studio Arthur Casas team to sign its second address, now in Iguatemi Mall. Like the first, the new space should be inviting, innovative and surprising to provide customers with an enriching and enjoyable shopping experience.

Plans Plans

Between stairs and accessed by to opposite entrances, the store allows customers to cross inside to reach parallel corridors of the mall. Taking advantage of this arrangement, Arthur Casas and team created a path whose carbonized solid wood sides have shelves from floor to ceiling to accommodate the labels horizontally.

© Filippo Bamberghi © Philip Bamberghi

Remembering the old wineries, the carbonized solid wood wall was developed exclusively for this space thru a delicate process in which it is heated to a temperature of 3000 degrees celsius to acquire a special materiality: the brownish tone and a curvilinear character.

© Filippo Bamberghi © Philip Bamberghi

The sides of the path contrast with the bright off-white floor and ceiling. Such composition is accentuated by the lighting design, which makes walls look detached from the floor and the ceiling. Inside, the “Mesa amorfa” (amorphous table), also designed by the architect, serves as support for attending and for the wine exhibition. There is also a touch screen television for guests to delve into the history and beverage properties.

© Filippo Bamberghi © Philip Bamberghi

Located at one of the entrances, and air-conditioned wine cellar holds the finest labels and, in the other entrance, a window displays scenographically bottles and accessories on drawers, lit from the bottom up. To complete the program, a wine bar offers tastings and appetizers. The space, in the mall corridor, works in an island protected by slats of carbonized wood, following the same visual identity of the interior of the store.

© Filippo Bamberghi © Philip Bamberghi

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