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Eco Housing used to conjure up images of housing that was below ground or covered in dirt, remote and off the grid, simple and scant on convenience and luxury.

Some of this may have been true in the past but today it is more important than ever to specify what Eco Housing is because it can impact the way future generation live and the quality of their lives.

With respect to Eco Friendly Homes: never before has man had to consider the ramifications of today’s activities on future generations. This is particularly true of housing for one simple reason: housing consumes more energy than any other item on earth. All the houses combined consumes unimaginable amounts of energy, unfortunately most is wasted. We’ve been pretty good in the US at improving certain aspects of our housing inefficiencies in our quest to make Eco Housing sustainable. Most people tend to insulate older homes and newer home construction all has some level of insulation.

However; there are BILLIONS of houses around the world that have no insulation at all. Considering the UN estimates that 1.5 billion people live in “inadequate shelter” we can assume there is no insulation present in these homes. In other words they are not even close to being Eco-Friendly Homes.  Incrementally up from here are homes deemed adequate simply because the UN indicates they have a floor, a roof, and working water connection for sanitary purposes. O.K. this is another couple of Billion people.  Here too though the houses are not Eco Friendly.

So this leave the minority of people living in energy efficient Eco Housing. And compared to what could be, even less live in highly energy efficient Eco-Friendly Homes. At IADDIC, we are not focused on the minority as we believe solutions can be had and are developing for the majority of people in this group. Instead we are focused on eco housing for the majority of people on earth. We are interested in taking eco housing to the least likely to implement or afford them by creating and making available the ultra low cost eco housing solution (Eco Housing Kits) for use internationally.