Poverty Energy and Rio+20

housing and green energy investingLinking Poverty to Rio+20 and Green Energy

Can Rio+20 really create Green Energy Jobs to alleviate Poverty

Both sides of the energy/poverty equation are sometimes mutually exclusive. When asking a person living in poverty to describe what they need to improve their lives the answer is not surprising! A little more money. Talk about Continue

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Solutions to The Global Housing Crisis

The Global Housing Crisis impacts billions of people living in inadequate housing.

The United Nations recently announced their sustainable goals regarding housing to be accomplished by 2020.

Goal No. 7d reads, “Achieve significant improvement in lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers”. Now, benefitting 100 million people living in slums sounds like a worthy goal; and it is.  That is until you begin to understand the overall magnitude of poverty. To say that world poverty is out of control would ...

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