Breaking the Digital Relationship – One skype call at a time.

Welcome – glad you decided to check out my invitation to become more than a digital connection and take one step closer to a human one.

You are on this page because something intrigued you about my invitation to connect beyond the “digital connection” on social media. This invitation is not intended to be a waste of time for either of so here are some basic guidelines.

  1. The initial call should only be about 10 minutes long.
  2. We’ll split the time 50/50
  3. We’ll primarily talk about business

To get the ball rolling here are some things we can chat about.

  1. The type of business you are in.
  2. Services and or products offered.
  3. Where you are located and the business climate there.
  4. The largest challenges you see affecting your business.

A great ice breaker question is: If you could really impact your industry; what would you do. I’ll be answering this question.

All that is left is to schedule the Skype call. Add your skype handle (address) to the form and hit submit. You will be redirected to a calendar to select a convenient date and time.

I’m looking forward to going beyond the digital connection.

With warm regards, Rich Grabowski, CEO – IADDIC Shelters, LLC

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