Sustainable Housing is more than just an Eco House

Sustainable Housing is more than just an Eco House

Sustainable Housing carries a broader meaning then just an eco house or green building materials or even green home building. Actually defining sustainable housing is difficult as the terms will have various meanings depending where in the world you live.

Sustainable Housing concepts in the developed world lean heavily on the use of strategies for Sustainable Energy for Homes and carbon footprint. The zero energy building has been all abuzz for some time now. While participating at a UN conference last year there were ...

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Sustainable Development and Affordable Housing

Sustainable Development and Affordable Housing.

Lets face it, not everybody knows what sustainable development really means so it isn’t always clear how sustainable development and affordable housing are linked. We need to start with the official definition of sustainable development because it is a term that conjures up all types of thoughts when used too loosely and depending on your point of reference may even draw opposing points of view. While consulting at the UN on the RIO+20 ...

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Builders to Make SIP Panels, Especially Internationally!

Rationale for Building your own SIP Panels if you are in construction, especially internationally!

For over 70 years there has been a tremendous amount of SIP construction totalling many hundreds of millions of square feet of SIP buildings having been built. All of this has been backed by science and research demonstrating the strength and durability of the panels (as well as weaknesses). They are indisputably a strong product that offers a faster 1 way to ...

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Solutions for Global Affordable Housing are not a Mystery

Why do innovations in affordable housing technologies appear and then disappear so quickly?

There seems to be a real need in the world for better and faster ways to build affordable housing. It is estimated that there are 1.5 billion people who do not have adequate shelter, aka affordable housing. This would represent roughly 1/5 of mankind. We can assume all of those people just choose not to have houses and end this article here. Or, we ...

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Sustainable and Affordable Housing

Sustainable housing and sustainable development are linked to a better future and more efficient affordable housing around the world. As a matter of fact the very real link between the two, as they relate to improving peoples lives today and into the following generations is in many cases self evident. After all the very notion that the world must become “sustainable” has to mean more than just the air we breathe becoming cleaner or that climate change is curtailed. ...

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