hospital design with SIP Panels

Sustainable Hospital: the Future Medical Facility in Developing Countries

Sustainable Hospital Design

Although everyday problems seem to be a constant reminder of the perils of life, little more can be as traumatizing as not having a hospital facility to go to when one encounters a severe injury or illness.

Last year, a collaboration was initiated by Milli Smith, founder of The Scarlet Heart Foundation, Inc. and an evangelist for advanced development in Haiti and Africa, to improve the availability of medical services and facilities to those ...

SIP Panel House

SIP Panel Primer – Your Affordable Mass Produced House

Let’s start by describing what a SIP Panel is and why they are called SIP Panels in the first place.

The SIP Panel is actually an ingenious combination of three things; two panels and a core. One panel serves as an exterior skin, the core is a block of construction foam, and a second panel serves as an outer skin. These three items are bonded together to create a strong Structural Insulated Panel.


affordable housing building materials - bricks

Solutions for Global Affordable Housing are not a Mystery

Why do innovations in affordable housing technologies appear and then disappear so quickly?

There seems to be a real need in the world for better and faster ways to build affordable housing. It is estimated that there are 1.5 billion people who do not have adequate shelter, aka affordable housing. This would represent roughly 1/5 of mankind. We can assume all of those people just choose not to have houses and end this article here. Or, we ...

mgo sheets international construction material

MgO Sheets | A Building Solution from the Outside

Is there such a thing as an International Construction Material? Maybe! Concrete is available in a lot of places. But lets go back in time; way back. There are a couple of internationally recognised structures that use a material that can have a profound impact on modern construction. This material is an ancient material and it is the glue that holds the Great Wall of China together as well as was in the cement that made the roman structures so ...