SIP Panel House

SIP Panel Primer – Your Affordable Mass Produced House

Let’s start by describing what a SIP Panel is and why they are called SIP Panels in the first place.

The SIP Panel is actually an ingenious combination of three things; two panels and a core. One panel serves as an exterior skin, the core is a block of construction foam, and a second panel serves as an outer skin. These three items are bonded together to create a strong Structural Insulated Panel.



Build Disaster Relief Shelters

Build Disaster Relief Shelters in large quantities, fast and affordable. These shelters are changing what people receive in times of emergency.

We provide the construction tools, equipment, and materials for organizations needing to provide durable shelters, houses or other structures like schools, places of worship or commercial structures. If you are building a large number of shelters we have a building solution to fit your needs. Our Continue