Mobile Factory vir SIP paneel Manufacturing

The Global Mobile Factories are a rugged set of systems that travel from job site to job site enabling the creation of the major components of a building envelope for shelters, huise, skole, klinieke, places of worship and other structures. The Mobile Factories enable the contractor to capitalize on raw material pricing and reduced costs associated with transporting and shipping finished goods. They also offer the advantage of being available when needed and therefore reduce inventory costs and logistics bottlenecks.

Global Mobile Factory

Die persoonlike gebou fabrieke sluit alles wat nodig is om die SIP Panele bou, dakke, en rame op perseel.

Mobile Factory vir SIP paneel Manufacturing

The Global Mobile SIP Panel Factory is the primary factory used to deliver on quality and repeatability for large volume SIP Panel requirements. dit custom-built factory includes everything needed to manufacture the SIP Panels. It is self-contained with an electrical generator and a pneumatic (air compressor) system to drive the equipment.

GMF inside view
Bloball Mobile SIP Panel Factory

Global Mobile Cutting Factory

The cutting factory is used to accurately cut structurally insulated panel profiles. It contains a custom built CNC cutting head that profiles the panels to fit where intended.

SIP Panel cutting Factory

Global Mobile Roofing, Siding, And Trim Factories

The third Factory includes roll forming machines used to manufacture roofing panels, metal siding, and trim pieces used to add finishing touches to your structures.

Roofing and Siding Factory
roofng equipment detail

Vir meer inligting oor die Global Mobile Factory kontak ons ​​asseblief met betrekking tot jou spesifieke behoeftes. Elke fabriek is ontwerp om die kliënt spesifikasies en persoonlike gebou. Dit is nie voorraaditems.


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