Building Products – It’s what’s Inside that matters

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Building products for shelteraffordable housing, schools, commercial structures and even SIP panels may NOT be at the top of your list of things to think about. However, we want to let you know that we remain committed to serving you.  We do this by delivering the worlds best construction tools, materials, and equipment that are affordable, for making shelters, SIP Panels, houses, schools clinics and more.  We also continue to make sure our products are easy to use, environmentally friendly, sustainable and benefit the local community.

We’ve had some rather specific requests about the building products and systems and we’ve taken action. Why?

Because when you get right down to it there is a very large need for capable, affordable, long lasting shelter and housing in the world.  Much of this shortage has to do with a lack of affordable and capable building products being supplied by the global building materials industry. If it were, hundreds of millions of people would not be living in homes or shelter that is inadequate.

IADDIC is unique because we do what nobody else does. We focus on the core of the building because we believe some of the best building technologies and building practices can be implemented into the vast majority of housing and shelters projects around the world.  These technologies and best practices can produce building envelopes that are incredibly fast to build, extremely strong, have high energy efficiency, produce the best indoor air quality and living environments.

Truth is low-income housing and affordable housing does not mean it needs to be inferior.  For this reason we make a number of building solutions available for the construction of affordable housing, schools, and even high end housing and commercial buildings.  We haven’t necessarily developed new materials or even lay claim to the next best building product.  What we do lay claim to is breaking down the barriers that prevent great technology from being deployed in markets previously left behind.  

This suite of equipment, tools, and materials makes construction faster, stronger, more affordable, and available in large quantities almost anywhere in the world. We’ve also broadened what can be made besides our early shelter products to include roofs and SIP Panel production capabilities.

When your project requires highly capable shelter or houses, made from SIP panels, be sure to check out the IADDIC full line of products.  This will help you help get your job finished faster and more economically, with better products and more agility than you have had before.

About IADDIC Shelters, LLC

IADDIC Shelters supplies environmentally friendly, economical, and capable green building product alternatives, construction tools, and construction equipment to organizations building a wide range of structures from housing, schools, shelter, and commercial structures.  Our main emphasis is in two main categories:  the core of the building and helping you build the structures you demand.

We help you build better, faster, less expensively and with longer lasting, energy efficient and capable core building products.