Build Disaster Relief Shelters

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Build Disaster Relief Shelters in large quantities, fast and affordable. These shelters are changing what people receive in times of emergency.

We provide the construction tools, equipment, and materials for organizations needing to provide durable shelters, houses or other structures like schools, places of worship or commercial structures.  If you are building a large number of shelters we have a building solution to fit your needs.  Our construction systems are extremely easy and produce structures with unprecedented capability and longevity.

We offer customized kits of construction tools, materials, and equipment to build disaster relief shelters.  We work with you to put together a construction system to meet your specifications and equip you with the construction tools and materials to build emergency shelters for disaster response and recovery.

Construction tools, materials and equipment produce durable shelter

IADDIC construction tools, materials, and equipment makes it possible for you to build disaster relief shelters with impressive features.  One rare feature is that all of our shelter products are highly insulated, many are flame resistant, insect resistant, will not rot, and last for many decades.  This insulating feature is such an important component because in colder climates where the need to provide heating makes disaster relief very difficult, our shelters require very little in the way of a heat source.  Our monolithic shelters are so well insulated that a 10′ X 10″ shelter can be heated with a few hundred watts of energy making the demand on energy and fuel for a disaster relief camp very small.  Secondly, our flagship shelter home is the only product on the market that is a true transitional shelter.  It transitions from temporary to permanent and will last for decades.  This means that a temporary emergency relief shelter sellin in some cases for under $800 USD can last for 20, 50, or 100 years.

If you are looking to build disaster relief and shelters to service a disaster, whether man-made disasters or natural disasters, be sure to check our our Shelter Products, and see for yourself the money, time, and energy savings they provide.  Remember also that many of our products are meant to be built on site in large volume and some can be built and deployed in about an hour. Yes, our shelter can be made on site in about an hour.  This means you can fulfill your shelter deployment schedule on time.  

When disaster relief products need to last and be built fast we believe we have the building tools and construction materials you need.