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IADDIC offers construction materials, construction tools, and construction equipment used to build structures across the globe. If you’re engaged in building anything: disaster relief shelters, workforce housing, low, middle or high end housing, schools, or commercial structures then chances are we have a solution for you!

Our premise is simple:  we believe you want the best buildings money can buy.  You want sustainable, strong, durable, earthquake and hurricane resistant, highly insulated, rot, mold, fire, and insect resistant buildings that are appealing, culturally acceptable, and will last for decades or generations. And most of all they must be affordable!

Construction tools, construction materials and construction equipment

We believe the answer lies in structurally insulated structures and panels.  They are proven, tested, quality controlled, in use since the 1950′s, fast to construct and have all the benefits listed above.

can not ship SIP Panels

However; Nobody can afford to ship prefab structures, modular buildings, SIP Panels or anything else that takes up space in a shipping container.  So we do what nobody else is doing.  We provide the materials, tools, and equipment along with our years of experience to make it possible for anyone to build almost anything, almost anywhere.  And we guarantee you will not find anything as cost effective to ship as IADDIC SIH. 


Match the IADDIC Construction Equipment to the type and quantity of structures you need to build. 


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Construction Materials, Tools, and Systems Applications

Affordable Housing Solutions Quickly

Low Cost Affordable HousingLow Cost Affordable HousingLow Cost Affordable Housing

Housing – Simple to top of the line!

Are you a contractor building houses internationally?  Have you ever considered SIP Panel construction?  SIP Panels are one of the premier building components to build energy efficient, long lasting structures with one of the lowest costs to construct.  They have been in use sin the USA since the 1950′s and have withstood everything from blizzards to hurricanes.  In many circles they are considered the best building technology available.  But there is a problem! We know nobody can afford to ship SIP’s especially internationally.  So we’ve built the tools and systems you’ll need to build your own panels for your project. 

Affordable Housing

Build Schools and Commercial Buildings

Commercial Building and ConstructionCommercial Building and ConstructionCommercial Building and Construction

Construct almost Anything – almost Anywhere!

Building schools, places of worship, and commercial building is often complicated by the absence of available local building materials. However; the IADDIC Global Mobile Factories along with SIP Panel making materials and tools makes building structures possible almost anywhere.  The factories tend to everything needed to construct the complete building envelope and covers the walls, roof, and framing.  If you want the most comfortable and modern schools and commercial buildings possible then building with IADDIC is the only way to go.

Schools and Commercial Construction

Disaster Relief and Emergency Shelters

building disaster relief sheltersbuilding disaster relief sheltersbuilding disaster relief shelters

From Disaster to Permanent with one structure!

IADDIC Shelters offers a line of disaster relief shelter products that impact the way shelters are delivered to a disaster. Our approach makes it possible to deploy shelters quickly, in very large quantities. The advantages of an IADDIC disaster relief shelter system not only lies in its low initial cost but it gets to permanency quicker by becoming a core component in the permanent home building phase. Deploying one shelter, one time, and have that shelter stay with the recipient indefinitely is very efficient.

Disaster Relief Shelters

SIP Panels for almost ANYTHING

Using SIP Panels to build structuresUsing SIP Panels to build structuresUsing SIP Panels to build structures

SIP Panels are convenient and make effective buildings!

Don’t be tied down to SIPS that aren’t exactly what you need. With almost infinite sizes and thicknesses, a range of insulation (R value) capabilities, shapes that fit your needs, and skins to support structures you demand, the IADDIC SIP Panel Building Process offers tremendous flexibility and cost savings. Not only that, when you build with SIP’s your building with quality controlled, standards tested materials.  In other words, you’ll be building with the best st the lowest cost.  And we will guide you every step of the way as you build SIP Panels, Shelters, Houses, Schools, and other structures.

SIP Panels Construction

IADDIC Shelters provides the construction materials, building tools, and construction systems that give you the advantage over your competition. 

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IADDIC Housing Systems are the quickest and most economical construction systems available.


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